Foundation’s program

A ray of hope

  • The organization of the campaigns to collect money for the treatment for the difficult surgical operations abroad for the sick children which cannot be made in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Help to the lower-income families to buy medicaments, blood, to held the additional analyses to precise the diagnostics.

The help to the hospital

  • The organization of the campaigns to help the services as oncology, hematology and intensive care  with necessary facilities,  furniture,  household appliances, medicaments which  are not acquired by state help.
  • We are also collecting money and looking for help from the organizations to improve the general conditions of stay or for refurbishment of the service and patients’ rooms.

The open world

  • The organization and carrying out various charitable actions, holidays, performances for children being under treatment in service.


  • The organization of the psychological, educational and developing assistance to sick children and their parents. Within this program various modern and interactive forms and methods are applied: laughing therapy, kanis-therapy etc. The psychologist of found works in service.
  • When the child dies because the medicine is not able to help it is a tragedy which we have to accept. When the child dies because the parents do not have money for treatment it is the moral catastrophe for the society which accepts it.
  • We understand that to find these huge sums which are necessary for the treatment of the child with cancer problems is very difficult for a family sometimes impossible; in most cases it is impossible for the parents of the sick child. But if each of us will bring some of that they need may be it shall works…A cancer – not a sentence if there are donors and means.
  • Will you really refuse to rescue the child if know that he can be saved and you know how to do it? To save the children is in our forces!

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